Stone Mushrooms

One day trip from Kazanlak to the ancient Thracian city Perperikon, Stone Mushrooms, and Stara Zagora

One day trip from Kazanlak to the ancient Thracian city Perperikon, Stone Mushrooms, and Stara Zagora

Rhodopi is a very special region. It’s a home of myths and mysteries. Here is where Orpheus comes from and where he found the way to the underground searching for Eurydice. Enjoy an impressive nature, vivid wildlife, and clean air with high ionization that helps to heal lung diseases. On the tour to the Rodopi mountains, we will visit the ruins of the ancient city Perperikon and the natural attraction of  Stone Mushrooms.

It is believed that here in Perperikon was the sanctuary of Dionysus with a prophecy where Alexander the Great received the prediction that he will conquer the world. The first signs of habitation are dated to neolith and since then it was a sacred place. The city expanded the most between the 1st and 4th centuries when Perperikon belonged to the Roman Empire. It was also a time of big cultural development. Between the 9th and 12th centuries the city was consecrated to Christianity and in the local church were kept parts of the cross of Christ. In the 14th century, Perperikon succumbed to the Ottoman’s raid.

On the trip suggest stopping by a natural phenomenon Stone Mushrooms. A legend says that they are stoned girls from Perperikon’s fortress that rebelled against Turks, but their creation goes much further into history. About 20 million years ago. When the sea covering the whole planet withdrew the sun and wind formed those giant mushrooms.

The highlights of Stara Zagora are a socialistic monument Samara and the ruins of the Antique Forum of Augusta Trayana. A bit of hidden treasure is well preserved neolithic dwellings from which you can see how people were living 6-7 thousand years BC. You will be surprised by how sophisticated we were back then. The Museum of religions is also worth mentioning. And from the other end, Stara Zagora is also a great place for shopping.

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