Troyan pottery

Learn about traditional Bulgarian crafts – one day tour from Kazanlak to Troyan

Learn about traditional Bulgarian crafts – one day tour from Kazanlak to Troyan

Get to know the Bulgarian culture through their traditional crafts. Deep in the Balkan mountains, there is the city of Troyan. It’s a famous center of pottery, woodcarving, coppersmithing, and weaving. Visit the Museum of Folk arts and crafts (entrance 5 BGN) and see historical workshops and tools, techniques, and beautiful masterpieces. Bring home unique herbal rakia from monks in the Troyan’s monastery. Or visit the National festival of plum that will make your heart beat faster.

Troyan is also good to visit for its historical attractions. It lies on the ancient Roman road “Via Trayana” constructed at the turn of the 1st and 2nd century by Roman emperor Trayan. You can explore many remains like a fortress Sostra which purpose was to protect the road and its travelers. We can also extend our trip to the Troyan monastery from the 19th century (although the roots go as far as to the 17th century) with a miraculous icon of the Three-handed Virgin Mary. She is a protector of faithful and provides wellbeing to those who pray to her. Here you can taste monastic special rakia made of more than 100 herbs.

You won’t regret going on the tour to Troyan neither if you prefer nature. We are in the heart of mountains with many marked touristic paths. You can disappear for a couple of hours into the deep wilderness and enjoy impressive views. A very nice walk for only 1,5 hours starts right in the town.

Last but not least reason for a trip to Troyan is the tradition of making Plum Rakia and holding a national festival. If you are here during the last week of September, you are lucky and you definitely must go to Troyan. You would miss a remarkable emotional experience if you didn’t go. It’s not only rakia, but it’s also the atmosphere of celebrations, traditional clothing, crafts again, dances, music, food, unique souvenirs with a soul – such that are good quality, often handmade products from small producers which you can’t get in every souvenir shop.

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