Bulgarian Rose Oil (Pure):

Pure Rose Oil in a Flask – 1ml

Organic Rose Oil (USDA certified)

Organic Beauty Rosehip Seed Oil

Rose Water:

Organic Rose Water – 250ml (USDA certified)

Bulgarian White Rose Water (Rosa Alba)

Did you know?

Bulgarian Rose Oil is widely used in the cosmetic industry because the rose oil is extremely potent and helps preserve the fragrance of any perfume for a longer period. It is used by luxury perfume brands such as Yvës Saïnt Läurent,  L’Ombre Dans L’Eau, Guerlain, Ormonde Jayne, Annick Goutal and many others.

Luxury Perfumes with Rose Oil

Yves Saint Laurent Paris

Diptyque – L’ Eau de Neroli

Rochas Tocade

Creams with Bulgarian Rose Oil:

Night Cream

Anti-aging Cream

Day Cream

Did you know?

The reason for the successful production of high quality rose oil in the Rose Valley of Bulgaria is due to the special climate, soil and demographic location, making it perfect for growing a wide variety of oil-bearing roses with a high concentration of essential oil.


Gift set for WOMEN 

Rose Oil in a Gift Flask – 1ml

5 Piece Gift Set

Face Care

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contour Cream

Organic Lip Balm

Night Face Moisturizer

Did you know?

A bottle of Rose oil is made from thousands of rose petals so it is concentrated and extremely strong. It helps to relieve stress and uplifts the mood. Also helps treat anxiety, apathy, depression, and indifference. It can help give you energy and confidence.

Essential Oil Diffusers:

Essential Oil Diffuser Plus

Essential Oil Diffuser VicTsing

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