Rose Colors and Their Meanings and Symbolism

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Rose Colors and Their Meanings and Symbolism

No wonder why over 100 million roses are sold during Valentine’s Day only, roses are the universal gesture of love, affection and friendship. We all know that a red rose is the most famous symbol of true love and passion. But what about the meaning of other rose colors and their meaning? Each rose color has its own meaning, and iff you are planning to give someone a bouquet of roses with a specific message in mind, you might want to read this article and be sure your message is what you want it to be. And if you found this post helpful, share it with friends and family 🙂

Did you know: Roses are a symbol of confidentiality? The Latin expression sub rosa means “under the rose,” meaning something told in secret. One rose can say more than a thousand words!

Red Rose and it’s Meaning

Beautiful red roses - meaning

You surely know this, but let’s get over it once more: a red rose is the Queen of all Roses, it symbolizes passion, deep desire, and romantic love. Its meaning goes back to ancient times. For example, the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, is said to be the cause for roses having thorns. Each thorn in a red rose symbolized a love she lost. Being a goddess, she is immortal, and she had to see all the mortal men she fell in love with, wither and die.

The red color of red roses comes from the time when Aphrodite pricked her foot on the thorns of a white rose as she was trying to run to his lover, Adonis, who was wounded. Her blood stained the roses red, making the rose into a symbol of endless love and passion, of giving without expecting anything in return.

Red roses are very popular for Valentine’s day and are somewhat cli·ché which may be reasonably unoriginal. You may want to consider another color for this holiday and save red roses for anniversaries or birthdays. Of course, it varies from person to person, some women would always love to receive a red rose, others would want more variety.

The Meaning of the White Rose

white rose meaning

In Christian tradition, the white rose is connected to the Virgin Mary. Because of this association, it sends a message of reverence, truth, and new beginnings.

Although white roses are the most appropriate for a young woman who has not yet experience deep and passionate love, white roses also symbolize marriage – a common wedding flower for the bride. A white rose bouquet became a tradition for weddings since Queen Victoria’s wedding in 1840.

White roses, the purest of colors, can also represent innocence, purity, and charm. They represent a world unspoiled and untarnished.

White roses are also used for religious occasions like baptisms and confirmations.

Yellow Rose Symbolism and Meaning

Yellow rose symbolism and meaning

Did you know that during the Victorian era, yellow roses represented jealousy and infidelity of one’s partner? During that time, the meaning give to rose colors was derived from legends, stories and if those didn’t suit your intentions, you could easily think of a meaning on the spot. Those Victorian age people were tricky, I tell you that!

Did you know: Today, yellow roses generally symbolize friendship, a special platonic friendship. However, if you are giving roses to someone from Texas, you should know that a yellow rose is the State Flower, and symbolizes ‘Passionate undying love. 

For all other except Texans, it’s not a smart move to send yellow roses if you romantically like them, it could express your intention that you are only interested in friendship with the person. What a way to get yourself friend-zoned, huh?

Yellow roses are also an excellent way of sending a congratulatory message to someone.
Perfect for graduations, a new baby, or an engagement.
Since the color yellow associates the feelings of joy, cheer, and caring, you can tell someone you feel such feelings for them by giving them a bouquet of these roses.

The Meaning of a Pink-colored Rose

Pink rose - rosa damascena

When it comes to pink, words associated are admiration, gentleness, elegance, sweetness, and happiness.  If you are starting a relationship or romance with someone, pink roses are a good choice. Red roses may come off a little strong for the beginning of a romance.  The first traces of pink roses were found in fossils dating 40 million years from today. Pink roses are mostly found in the wild. The first known cultivated use of pink roses goes back to 5000 years, when the Chinese royal family had rose gardens filled with pink roses.

Pink roses symbolize sentiment, thoughtfulness and sometimes – passion. During the Victorian era, the color of pink was used for virtually everything, from decorating wallpapers, to gifting cards. They are a universal color when it comes to gifting flowers, their meaning is simply of good will and desire for friendship, respect, or maybe something more. Their ambiguity keeps the receiver of the flowers guessing and intrigued.

Due to being so diverse, pink roses are one of the most common gift for Valentine’s day. However, you should know that:

Different pink shades have different meanings

Let’s see what they are:

  • Pale pink roses signify sweetness, gentleness and grace while;
  • Medium shades of pink roses are given to congratulate someone or when you want to cheer someone who is grieving;
  • The darkest shade of pink roses are fit for a thank you gift or to celebrate a milestone of a woman’s life, a show of appreciation and gratitude.

Orange Rose Symbolism and Meaning

Orange roses meaning

Bright and warm orange roses symbolize great enthusiasm, attraction, and desire. Orange roses are for the most part romantic in nature– best for romantic occasions. This color can be slightly uncommon but primarily one of the best choices for Valentine’s day and anniversaries.

Meaning of a Peach Rose

Peach rose meaning

Peach means modesty and sympathy, a generous choice for someone who has just lost a loved one. Pale peach rose on the contrary combined with pink roses communicate admiration. This can be used as a wedding flower combination and color palette.

The meaning of a warm white rose color

The warm white rose is a classic symbol of purity, innocence and perfection. It is a timeless flower that has been a part of many cultures and religions for centuries. It is often seen as a sign of love and devotion, and a reminder of the beauty of life.

The warm white rose dates back to Ancient Greece, where it was used as an offering to the gods and goddesses. It was also used as an expression of sympathy and as a sign of good luck. The Romans believed that the white rose symbolized the goddess Venus and purity. In Christianity, white roses were used to represent the Virgin Mary and the purity of the soul.

The warm white rose is also associated with weddings and anniversaries. It is a symbol of everlasting love and devotion, and is often given as a token of love. White roses are also popular in funeral arrangements, as they are a symbol of peace and remembrance.

Today, the warm white rose is a popular flower for all occasions. It is given as a token of appreciation and admiration, and is a beautiful way to express your love. This timeless flower is a reminder that life is beautiful and that love is eternal.

Burgundy rose

Burgundy Rose Meaning

Burgundy roses have a deeper context, even beyond that of red roses. It conveys a deeper passion and a very romantic devotion to someone. You might want to pick this color for the next Valentine’s day. For a lusher color palette, you can add depth to a bouquet of red or pink roses.

The cost of roses is primarily influenced by the quality of roses, the time of the year and occasion, and the work involved in the arrangement. Almost every rose color sends their own message and devotion so it’s important to always consider the colors you select.

What is the meaning and symbolism of a Purple rose?

The purple rose is a symbol of enchantment and love. It has been a symbol of royalty,  nobility, and wealth since the days of Ancient Rome.

The Ancient Romans believed that purple  roses were symbols of power, wealth, and status They were known to be given as gifts to influential people, as a sign of respect and admiration.

In the Middle Ages, purple roses were associated with mystery and enchantment. They were believed to be a sign of divine favor and were used to express deep emotion and longing.

In more recent times, the purple rose has become a symbol of admiration and love. It is often given as a sign of deep appreciation and respect for someone special.

The unique color of the purple rose also lends itself to a variety of meanings. It can signify royalty, respect, admiration, and loyalty. It can also be a sign of enchantment, mystery, and deep emotion.

No matter what the occasion, the purple rose is a beautiful way to express your feelings and admiration. Its unique color and symbolism make it a timeless expression of love and appreciation.

What meaning do Green Roses have

Green roses are  unique and symbolic flower. Historically, green roses have been associated with fertility and abundance, as well as hope and renewal. They are a representation of new beginnings and of balance between nature and man. In the language of flowers, green roses symbolize youth, joy, and love.

In ancient Rome, green roses were used in religious ceremonies and were a sign of fertility and abundance. They were also associated with springtime, rebirth, and renewal. In more modern times, green roses have been used to represent the Earth and its natural beauty. They are often used in weddings to signify a new beginning, or to celebrate a birth or a new life.

In the language of flowers, green roses symbolize joy and happiness. They are a sign of hope and optimism, and of new beginnings. They can be a reminder of renewal, or of the joy of a new life or of a new love. Green roses are also a symbol of balance between nature and man, showing that both can exist together in harmony.

Green roses have a special place in many cultures, and can be a reminder of nature’s beauty and of our own capacity for joy and growth. They are a reminder to take time to appreciate the little things in life, and that we can create beauty from the simplest of things. So, if you’re looking for a unique and symbolic flower, green roses are the perfect choice.

The flirtatious and unique nature of hot pink roses

Hot pink has a long and colorful history that goes back centuries. It’s a hue that has been used to express vibrancy, energy, and femininity since the 17th century. In the 18th century, it was used as a popular color for fashion and accessories. In the 19th century, hot pink was often used for ladies’ fans and parasols.

Today, hot pink is seen as a symbol of youth, vigor, and confidence. It’s a color that is associated with femininity, playfulness, and energy. It’s often used to add a pop of color to interior design and fashion. Many people also use hot pink as a way to express their own unique style and personality.

When you give a hot pink rose, you are flirtatious and show you are not afraid to give a flower with a more unique, and might I add, suggestive symbolism.

At some occasions, hot pink is also thought to represent compassion, kindness, and emotional healing. It is a color that is connected to love and friendship, and it is often seen as a way to express support and solidarity.

No matter what hot pink means to you, it is a color that has stood the test of time and continues to be associated with vibrancy and femininity.

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      Yes, burgundy roses have a very specific connotation of unconscious beauty. In the Victorian era, deeper rose colors signified deeper passion. Per this schema, burgundy roses signify a very deep passion, even beyond that of red roses.

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    My great aunt who raised me pinned a white rose on me to wear to church on mother’s day because my mother was not living. Others had red who had a living mother. Have you ever heard of this? Thank you!

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      Thank you, we will continue expanding on this topic as the world of roses is endless and the meaning of each color can mean many things depending on the country and occasion!

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    It stood out to me when you said that burgundy roses show a deep passion and romantic devotion to someone. My brother asked for my help choosing a floral arrangement for his wife on their five year anniversary next month. Thanks for teaching me about the meaning of different colors and flowers so I can be more informed when looking at his arrangement options!

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