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The 7 Types of Roses You Can Have in Your Wedding Décor

The 7 Types of Roses You Can Have in Your Wedding Décor

The Greek poet Achilles Tatius called rose the main flower of humanity and queen of flowers as early as in the second century AD. Since then, roses for wedding have been traditionally associated with beauty, passion, desire, and eternal love. What can complement your once in a lifetime event better than a well-thought and inspiring wedding décor delivered to your door by the best floral experts from MAK Floral Design?

Captivate your guests with an exquisite floral design that will mark the beginning of your new life together. As you look where to start, think of these 7 types of roses that will make your dream wedding memorable.

1- Old Garden Roses

Old Garden Roses are also called “heritage” or “antique” roses, as they came into existence before the 19th century and are considered one of the oldest types around the world. These wedding roses are notorious for their strong and alluring fragrance and quite a big size due to the double-flowered blooms.
What makes the old garden rose unique is that it blooms only once per season and is a much rarer find than other rose varieties. It is a perfect, out of style choice for a romantic wedding with classic and refined notes, suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues.

2- Modern Garden Roses

Modern Garden Rose is the most popular type of wedding rose, rich in color, and perfect for wedding flower arrangements. Hybrid tea roses are the most vivid example of modern garden roses, they come in all colors and can be found at floral design websites. Unlike the old garden rose, this variety is produced in mass quantities, has a softer aroma, longer stem, and comes at a better price. It is a great budget-friendly solution for smaller wedding parties, and it will help to create a dreamy atmosphere of love.

3- Wild Roses

Wild Roses are the roses that grow in the wild and therefore are not crossbred. This wedding rose often has 5-petal flowers, long stems, and is considered to have a medium size. Is pink your favorite color? This rose must be your choice number one, as it rarely comes in any other color. For a natural look, use the wild rose in transparent vases and avoid ribbons. The wild rose will make a true paradise from any wedding hall. Add some irises for a more refined look or orchids for a brave, exotic design.

4- English Roses

English Rose is a gorgeous rose for a wedding if you aim for a golden décor. Cultivated by David Austin in England, it usually has a yellow color and a full, bright look. This rose would look ideal in oriental wedding halls and could add a royal touch to any style. A stunning solution for fans of the old English style, weddings in royal colors, and vibes of Victorian elegance.

5- Sweetheart Roses

Sweetheart roses are the most widely used type of modern roses as they come in different colors such as red, rose, yellow, orange, blue, and white. What makes them different from the traditional roses is their petite size, which can be easily incorporated into larger flower decorations and bouquets. Moreover, unlike traditional roses, sweetheart roses are considered a “specialty” and are used mostly for exceptional occasions due to their association with beauty and femininity.

6- Spray Roses

Spray Rose is the smallest variety of roses for a wedding. It comes in clusters and has a sophisticated and original shape of ruffled petals that cannot leave anyone indifferent. This flower looks great in larger floral combinations, for instance, with golden daisies, peonies, lilies, tulips, gardenias, and many others. However, even the simplest wild chamomiles also could be a good match, especially for the bride’s bouquets, guest tables, and scene décor.
Often confused with wild roses because of their size, the Spray roses are on average taller and have fewer buds.

7- Damask Roses – the never-ending scent of the queen of roses

These beautiful flowers were first brought from Syria in the Middle East to Europe in around 1254 and till now take part in oriental trading. Compared to other wedding roses, damask roses bloom only twice a year and are distinguished by a rather strong scent and, at times, quite a high price. If you want to impress your guests with an original and fresh choice or feel like trying out some new combinations, the damask rose will be an asset to any wedding décor.
You can choose between these 7 varieties of roses to make your wedding a truly special event that neither you nor your guests will ever forget. MAK Floral Design specializes in floral decorations for the wedding using the top quality, locally produced roses that will stay fresh longer and will help you to create the atmosphere of love and romance, which will stay with you for life.

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