Children and rose petals during the rose parade in Kazanlak

The Dates Of the 2018 Rose Festival Kazanlak, Bulgaria

The Dates Of the 2018 Rose Festival Kazanlak, Bulgaria

For this year’s Rose Festival dates, please read our detailed guide.

The next Rose Festival in Kazanlak is coming closer and closer. Some of you are probably already planning the trip to the Rose Valley and are wondering when is the best time to be there.

The first events of the festival will begin on the 18th of May with the main event (the coronation and parade) on 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June where the 3rd of June is also the official celebration day of Kazanluk.

This year’s festival will also celebrate 50 years from the first Rose Queen coronation, so don’t miss it!

Wonder how to get to the Rose Festival in Kazanlak?

We have compared all the transport options in this post where we give useful tips about travelling in Bulgaria by bus, train, taxi or even hiking.

If you are looking for a hotel or accommodation in Kazanlak or nearby locations you can find one through the form below:

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  1. maggie smith

    I should like very much to visit the rose festival of Kazanlak any information of dates would be appreciated to gether with any further information about the festival. thanks

    1. Ivan

      Hello, the exact dates of the 2018 Rose Festival are available and updated above, see the link to the PDF file.

    2. Ariela Steindl

      ‘ i am- Ariela from Israel,
      thank you for the good information!
      i would like to come to the Rose festival between the dates- 24.5 -27.5.
      I have a big interest of seeing the proses. To peak roses early in the morning to see how to make oil and rose water … and to join the festival. Do I have to order things in advance? how to do this?. maybe you can help me to join a group that will have this possibbility. I need allso some help to understand where is the best to stay because I see that some of the activities take place in different places. Is there transportation between the places? I prefer a simple room bed and breakfast or hostel .. is there a liste that i can have that will help me to choos.. thank you ..

  2. Delforge yvette

    We will be in Kazanlak for Rose Festival on the first we of june .our hôtel is booked.
    How is it possible to get ticket or réservation to follow the festival at the best
    Thank you

    1. Ivan

      Tickets for the festival can be bought at the information center in Kazanlak (it is at the city center), here is contact information for it:
      All the events of the festival which happen in Kazanlak are free to enter, there are a few areas with chairs (for elderly people and guests of the municipality) please contact the information center whether you can reserve a seat there.
      My personal advice is to buy tickets for the rose-picking ritual near Kazanlak (or if you prefer, attend one of the rose-picking rituals in nearby villages).

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