Rose Festival Kazanlak 2017 Official Dates and Full Program

Rose Festival Kazanlak 2017 Official Dates and Full Program

Important:¬†For this year’s Rose Festival dates, please read our¬†detailed guide.

The Rose Festival will be celebrated for the 114th time in Kazanlak. The dates for the 2017 celebrations are already announced and they are as follows:

Beginning: 12.05.2017 (twelfth of May, 2017)

Ends: 04.06.2017 (fourth of June, 2017)

A Few Interesting Facts about the Rose Festival in Kazanlak

Did you know that the first rose celebration was in 1903 and its theme was not only the production of rose oil from Rosa Damascena, but it also celebrated the virtue of mercy and focused on gathering donations for poor families, orphans, old people and people who suffer from tuberculosis.

Throughout the last century, the rose festival has grown throughout the Rose Valley and is now celebrated in many towns and villages across the valley including Pavel Banya, Rozovo, Gorno Izvorovo, Karlovo etc.

The celebrations now include a wide variety of cultural, historic and artistic events such as Photo plain air of famous photographers, International Folklore Festival, Mini Rose Queen and Miss Rose Valley, merchants street and much more.

The first Friday of June is the official day of Kazanlak – the new Rose Queen is coronated and the last three days of the festival begin – and much fun is had (no Yoda pun intended). During the weekend, the days and nights are filled with various events across the valley, with the most known ones being the official Rose picking (rozober) and Rose boiling events followed by:

The epic Carnaval parade – the biggest in Bulgaria.

On Sunday noon, students, dancing ensembles, volunteers, school classes, choirs and many many other local groups prepare to walk down the main street in Kazanlak, showing their dance moves, magic tricks, singing proficiency or simply wave to the crowd. You shouldn’t miss that!

What is the address of the Rose Festival in Kazanlak?

The Rose Festival will be held in various locations around Kazanlak municipality. However, the parade which marks the end of the whole event will happen here:

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  1. yan liang


    Good morning!
    This letter comes from Beijing China.
    We have a group which plan to visit your country in Jun ,rose festival .

    which day is the last date we can buy the entrances? after that ,the tickets will be sold out?

  2. Ivan

    Sorry for the late reply, we had 3 days of holiday in Bulgaria. I contacted the Kazanlak tourist information center ( and they gave me the following information:

    1. The official e-mail of Kazanlak municipality’s tourism office is and info center phone numbers are: 0431/99553 and 0431/99546

    2. (only in Bulgarian) Information on prices and reservations for the festival –

    3. They told me that foreign tourists can contact the municipality’s partner tourist guides and agencies:

    I hope this information helps, if you have more questions, feel free to write back.

    Have a nice day!

  3. Delforge yvette

    Can you tell me how to get tickets for follow rose festival in Kazanlak and pick up roses.
    We are 2 persons coming from Belgium on june 1,2,3.
    Thank you
    Yvette Delforge


    Hello we are 4 adults from Italy.
    We will stay in Bulgaria from 20 to 25 of May 2019 please let us know if we will be able to seerose picking rituals and boiling rituals in Kazanlak area.

    1. Ivan

      Hello, the detailed program for the 2019 Rose Festival is not yet published by the municipality of Kazanlak, so I cannot tell you whether there will be rose picking rituals on these dates, I will update the Guide on our website when the dates and detailed program are available, please check again soon. Thank you for your understanding!

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