rose essential oils health benefits

Benefits of Using Rose Essential Oil for the Face, Hair and Body

Benefits of Using Rose Essential Oil for the Face, Hair and Body

rose essential oils health benefitsRoses are not only fragrant beauties prominent in the palette of flowers. They are the source for rose oil, a major component used in cosmetics to perfect the skin and the hair. Besides purchasing cosmetic products, people can use the benefits of rose oil directly, by applying it on its own, or by mixing it into cosmetics or with other substances.

How to use rose oil: individually or together with other products

Both ways are correct, and both improve skin and hair quality. Massaging the oil into the skin, during face or body massage, can be done with it only, or in combination with other oils. Adding some rose oil to the face cream, the shampoo, or the conditioner also yields amazing effects.

Benefits for the skin

First and foremost, rose oil is an antibacterial substance. Using it in the evening, to remove make-up will totally clean the face skin. When needed, people can use it on other parts of the body skin, to disinfect gently.

Secondly, this magic substance does miracles for the quality of the skin as a whole. People using the oil to treat their skin will notice that gradually it will become smoother and more glowing, which is a must, especially for ladies. The reason is that this oil enhances blood circulation.

Thirdly, but equally important, rose oil is a natural moisturizer. That is a quality essential for achieving perfect, radiant facial skin. Why use commercial moisturizers, when people can stock on this oil and have aromatic moisturizing at their fingertips. It is sufficient to use several drops and rub them gently into the skin.

Coping with wrinkles is also easy with rose oil. The composition, comprising vitamin A and antioxidants, enables it to stimulate collagen production. Thus wrinkles are smoothed away, and the skin becomes fresher and younger.

With rose oil, people can have a facial steam bath. A few drops are sufficient for a steaming bowlful of water. The steam bath benefits are enhanced by adding dried leaves of chamomile, lavender, or another fragrant flower.

Here is a recipe for an easily prepared but highly efficient body scrub. Like in most mixtures, the rose oil amount should be a few drops. That amount should be added to some sugar and coconut oil, to prepare the scrub.

Treating skin problems on the face with rose essential oil

One of the problems forming gradually on the face is crow’s feet. These prominent wrinkles can be made to stand out less and less, by massaging them with rose oil.

Another problem which makes the whole face look weary is dark circles under the eyes. These problem areas can also be improved by applying rose oil on them.

Rose oil for treating blemishes, marks, and wounds

a child and a woman stirring rose buds in a traditional rose water distilleryPeople’s health and appearance depend on treating defects like blemishes and marks so that they can be made less prominent or even disappear. That is easy for aficionados of rose oil, and this product has its faithful following treating minor or major defects with it.

Let us start with blemishes. Rubbing a small amount on a blemish will treat it, people just need perseverance when applying.

Marks on the skin, especially stretch marks, are unflattering. To make them fade away, it is just needed to treat them with rose oil. The same applies to marks left from the pox.

Furthermore, this oil is beneficial in the treatment of wounds, so cuts and sore spots can also improve promptly when just dabbed with a couple of drops of oil of roses, several times a day until the spot heals.

Acne is another culprit for deteriorating appearance. No special products are needed to deal with it. A mixture of several couples of coconut oil and the same amount of rose oil is an effective product for treating acne. The skin pores are stimulated so that they open sufficiently to absorb the beneficial components of rose oil. Applying the mixture should be done regularly, two or three times daily until the acne pimples disappear.

The auspicious effect of rose oil for the hair

Hair becomes shiny and healthier looking with the aid of rose oil. It is a great nutrient to enhance hairs’ health from the very roots up to the ends, as it acts as a hydrating product. Applying the oil is easy, and just a couple of drops are necessary. They should be diluted with some carrier oil, in an amount of about a teaspoonful, and the resulting mixture should be rubbed into the hair two times a week. One example of preparing the auspicious mixture is by mixing rose oil into argan oil. It can also be combined with jojoba, grapeseed, or almond oil.

Hair masks can be prepared by mixing other products nourishing the hairs with several drops of rose oil. For instance, coconut oil can be mixed with it and the resulting mixture is a beneficial mask for the hair. Another recommended and time tested mixture is made with a couple of drops of rose oil and a tablespoonful of olive oil. That is a nourishing hair mask.

Yet another, perhaps the simplest, way of taking care of the hair with rose oil is by adding several drops into the bottle of shampoo used. Thus, little by little, this powerful oil does well to the hair.

Good news for people suffering from hair loss. Rose oil will come to their rescue. Massaging it into the scalp skin is enough to make hair follicles stronger and holding more firmly to the roots. The antiseptic properties of the oil deal away with bacteria and dirt, so the cleaned follicles are powerful and hair loss is hampered.

Rose oil can be used in a myriad of ways

The auspicious effects of rose oil are at everybody’s disposal. The face, the body skin, the hair can shine and charm with softness, smoothness, and freshness. Rose oil is a product everyone should be familiar with and use daily for an attractive and healthy appearance. Just a few weeks of use are sufficient to achieve the desired effects.

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