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The Idea of the Rose Festival Kazanlak Blog

The Idea of the Rose Festival Kazanlak Blog

The Rose Festival in Kazanlak is visited by a lot of foreign tourists from all over the world, yet it is still hard to find useful information about the Rose Valley and the festival events in English. 

So I’ve decided to write about the festival, the city and everything in between, from the food to the culture and traditions, from the places to visit (museums, events, pubs, bars, villages, monuments, nature) to the history of the festival, the city, and Bulgaria.

The content on the RoseFestivalKazanlak.com is written out of love and feeling of duty to spread the word of this beautiful place where I was born and raised and the desire to contribute by creating a reputable image to my hometown, the valley and all the traditions, history, sightseeing, customs and kindness of the locals.

I will write various articles covering the event and what you can do in between the official festival program.

This blog will be mainly in English, I might add guest articles from friends in Bulgarian but I will make sure to cover the topic in English as well. The information about the festival that is on the Internet is either outdated or scarce, so If there is anything you want to know but can’t find information in English, feel free to message me.

I am completely open to any suggestions or questions you might have, please leave a comment below or follow the Facebook page of this blog where I will share the new articles as well as interesting videos, pictures, and news.


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