fun activities in Kazanlak

7 fun activities in Kazanlak

7 fun activities in Kazanlak

If you came to Kazanlak on your own, you might like these 7 tips for fun activities. When you get fed up with all the roses, tombs, and monuments, and you search for some modern urban entertainment, it’s good to have a guide here. Many things have no signs, or internet pages, they are difficult to find on Google maps, and everything is in Cyrillic. See where to go to a cinema, pools, bars, or where to do some sports.

Aquapark Waterland OvoshtnikAquapark Waterland Ovoshtnik

Aquapark Ovoshtnik

In the summer, you have several choices where to cool off. There are two pools right in Kazanlak – in the hotel Champion and the hotel Zornica. If you prefer (or don’t mind) bathing in nature, you can swim for free in the Koprinka dam, which is only 5 km far from Kazanlak. There is also an aquapark Waterland in the village Ovoshtnik (6 km from Kazanlak).

You have many choices also in the wintertime. Again the hotel Zornica with 2 saunas, a whirlpool, and a massage studio. Right in the center of Kazanlak, there is Central Bath next to the open market. There isn’t any significant sign. It’s the building behind the big flower shop. Another covered pool AntimSport is in a high school, but it’s open to the public and offers even a free Finish sauna to its customers. All pools have mineral water.

Salt room Kazanlak

Salt room Kazanlak

The purpose of a vacation is to relax, re-charge the battery, care for yourself, and you have chosen a great place. Apart from the pools in Kazanlak, Spa&wellness centers in Ovoshtnik and Pavel Banya, and massage saloons, you can treat yourself also in the Salt room Kazanlak. Just sit comfortably, chill out, read a book or talk with friends, and breathe. Salt therapy or so-called halotherapy helps to improve problems with the respiratory system, but not only that. The micro pieces of salt clear the air, your body, and your mind. A few sessions in the salt room help to release stress, improve sleep, and eliminate snoring. It also smoothes your skin and reduces acne. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Open 9 am – 6 pm every day apart from Sunday. Salt room Kazalak on the map.
+359 878 731 323

Table tennis KazanlakBBQ at the Viewpoint Kazanlak

Tennis & table tennis

After all this banitsa and meals with liters of oil, it’s good to move. You might search for some sport suitable for couples or some fun activity different from sightseeing. Maybe you have noticed the Bulgarian habit have a table for table tennis in city parks. Even here in Kazanlak, we have one, although it’s hidden, and you have to climb uphill. Another disadvantage is that it might be a bit windy, and you have to have your ball and rackets. But the view! It’s called simply The Viewpoint. So there must be something to see :-). Another option is in the hotel Bagira where you can borrow the rockets and play no matter the weather outside. Book a time on +359 882 368 228.

Very close to the hotel Bagira is a stadium with a restaurant and tennis courts. Ask in the restaurant or call +359 896 150 830 to book the court. A bit further in the direction to the Enina village is the hotel Champion with courts and the open pool. Contact +359 899 196 736.

Kangoo jumps Kazanlak

Kangoo jumps – jumping boots

You have surely heard about jumping boots, and I bet you wanted to try them. Have you? If you haven’t, you can do it now. There are classes usually two times a week. It’s a kind of aerobic exercise in a gym, where you will learn to keep balance and start with basic jumps. You can go alone with only some sports clothes to change. The price is around 10 BGN. Ask for the actual schedule and book your shoes at +359 896 88 38 31.


Popular pub entertainment, together with many types of beer, you will find in 365 bar in the center by the Japanese woman statue. There are 4 tables, so you can just come and play. Of course, you are welcome, even if you are not interested in the game but rather in the beer. 10 types of international beers are on the draft every day plus a collection of craft bottled beers.

Cinema Latona in Kazanlak

Cinema Latona in Kazanlak

Yes, there is a cinema in Kazanlak, would you believe it? There are many Hollywood movies, and unless it’s a movie for kids, it is in original sound and Bulgarian subtitles so you can understand it. A bit challenge might be the program itself because it is written in Cyrillic. You will find the actual program on the Facebook page. The cinema itself is in a big glass building on the main road west of the city center. There is no visible sign, you will rather notice a supermarket and Chinese clothes on the first floor, but it’s there.

Music bar Hope, Noir

Naturally, on a vacation, you want to hang out and party all night long. Kazanlak isn’t a big city so from Sunday to Thursday don’t expect anything. On Fridays and Saturdays, you have two options. Have you heard of Chalga? If not, ask people. You have to hear and see their expression. After that, you can compare it with the reality in club Noir. It is in the city center by the Japanese statue. After 11 pm you won’t miss it.

Hope is a bar that usually offers some sort of rock, metal, or alternative live music. You might be lucky and see some young Bulgarian rising stars. Although Hope is very close to Noir, it will be a bit harder to find it. Go from the main pedestrian street with the Japanese statue towards a little narrow street, where is seemingly nothing but broken buildings. On the left side, you will see an inconspicuous door with some posters next to it and stairs somewhere to the dark basement. That’s why locals call it the Hole (Dupka).

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