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ROSES – A symbol of love and beauty

ROSES – A symbol of love and beauty

The rose is a symbol of beauty, love, and affection from ancient times. There are many characteristic meanings depends on the shade or type of or even the number of roses. Rose is called a flower of love. Rose is the most chosen flower for gifts among all the other flowers because of the color and its meaning. Rose is also used in flower arrangements such as flower bouquet or garland for spiritual purposes and more. They also artificial flowers like silk roses for decoration purposes at the wedding, anniversary celebrations and many more. Roses is being in the top priority list for the longest time. The major reason for its popularity is its color, fragrance and other properties.

Classification of Roses

Roses are classified into three categories according to the attributes.

Old Garden Roses

Old garden roses are one of the types of roses that have charming beauty and gorgeous fragrance that is not broadly found in many gardens. Old garden roses are from the distinguished groups from those with strong perfume with winter tenderness that is best for the hot climates. Old garden roses are from a kind of flowers that are easy to grow which are disease resistant. They grow in different shapes and sizes, although their color, shape, and sizes. White and pastel-colored roses are mostly chosen for the garden, lawns, and interior decors. Alba roses, gallica roses, moss roses, and etc are groupings of old garden roses.

Modern Roses

Any roses discovered after 1850 is considered as a modern rose. Old garden roses are the ancestors of modern roses. These types of flowers are the most popular group of flowers. These modern roses are made by crossbreeding the hybrid rose with primrose. The colors of modern roses are rich, colorful and vivid. The most popular modern roses are Hybrid tea roses, Polyantha roses, Grandiflora roses, Miniature roses, climbing roses and many more. Many people Send flowers to Sharjah through online florists to their loved ones who are living in Sharjah in the name of love for every special occasion. Modern roses need special care because they are sensible for cool climates.

Species of Roses

Species roses are mostly called as wild species roses. They are comparatively simple five-petaled colorful that grows and comfortable in winters that give food for insects and add colors to the winter season. Rosa rugosa is the most chosen rose species which have superiority in these species and that provides disease resistance and they are easy to maintain. These species roses are mostly hybrid, and they usually bloom once in a year.

Tips to grow roses

  • Roses can be grown in any well-drained soil with sufficient sunlight.
  • Most of the rose plants are grown by budding a lower part of a plant. Or else order a rose and rose flower delivery if you are living Sharjah and let your garden filled with all the beautiful fragrance of roses.
  • You have to plant roses in warm and moist soil apart from the other plants that are most suitable to grow a plant.
  • The most opted fertilizer for rose cultivation is cow dung. We can also use other organic fertilizers, especially like compost.
  • Rose plants usually need special care like cutting unwanted stems, other parts and sometimes roots of the plant.
  • We have to mix fertilizer with soil and put it in the plain soil to bring the desired planting level.
  • Dig a hole of 5-8 inches to make a proper height for the plant that avoids bending of the plant.
  • Place the rose plant on the center so that you can reach the plant whenever needed.
  • Spread the roots of the plants and cover them properly with the soil.
  • Make sure that the hole is properly filled with soil so that there is no breakage or bending of plant happens.

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Amazing facts about roses

  • The largest rose flower ever recorded was bred by Nikita k from San Onofre California that is measured approximately 33 inches in diameter and was pink in color.
  • It is believed that the world’s oldest rose flower to be 1000 years old.
  • The world’s most expensive rose is Juliet rose and the breeder is David Austin. It took 15 years to breed the rose and cost him 5 million dollars and it is displayed in the year 2006 at Chelsea flower show.
  • The reddish-crimson color of rose is misjudged as a black rose.
  • ┬áRoses bush can grow up to record height of 23 feet i.e. 7 meters.
  • There are over 7500 species of roses.
  • Ancient Romans used roses for decorating their houses and they also used roses as ornamentals.
  • The oldest fossil of rose ever to be discovered that date back to 35 million years.

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