How to Incorporate Flowers into Your Next Party

How to Incorporate Flowers into Your Next Party

Children and rose petals during the rose parade in KazanlakWhen you are having a party, adding flowers to the decor can complete the look of the event. They are pleasant to the eyes; they can lighten the mood and brighten the atmosphere. Stunning blooms like the ones at Uniting Flowers can do wonders in enhancing the look of your party. 

There are some factors to consider when incorporating flowers to your party decoration and table settings. 

Take Into Account the Entire Venue

Do not stop at decorating your dining table with beautiful bouquets. Place flowers throughout the rest of your house. Set the scene with a vase of styled blooms and foliage that complement the foyer table. Putting a miniature posy or a single flower on every napkin at your dining table will make guests feel special. Do not forget to place a bowl or vase of scented flowers in the powder room for an elegant feel. 

Think of other areas in your home that will make flowers a great addition. Make sure that the flower arrangement is not too small, that it is unable to make an impact, and not too large that will overpower the space. 

Think About the Surroundings

A garden party requires a more casual floral setting compared to having your guests in the dining room that has a more formal atmosphere. Casual parties call for blooms in informal arrangements. You may use multiple vases holding clusters of styled flowers. On the other hand, tall vases or long floral arrangements with the current favourites are suitable for formal parties. 

Pick the colour scheme and vessels that can match the design of your home. For example, if you have contemporary furnishings and furniture, consider using containers in geometric texture or print, and fill them with structured foliage and blooms. Combining colours is a crucial aspect. If you find it challenging, get a colour wheel for reference. 

Make Comfort a Priority

While arranging your lovely flower designs, keep the comfort of your guests in mind. Will the flowers obstruct their view from the opposite side? Your guests should have plenty of room to eat, sit, and talk to each other. The size of your table is also a contributing factor to the number of styling elements it can accommodate.

The rule of thumb is to put low arrangements at the dining table. If you want to use slender vases and tall arrangements, they should be clear, in which people can see through them. Also, you may opt for floral chandeliers or flowers overhead from companies like Uniting Flowers, which are a popular trend, whether your party is outdoors or indoors. 

Purchase Your Blooms at the Right Time

You will want the flowers in your party to look their best and in full bloom. So, if you are doing the arrangement yourself, it is better to get them a few days ahead, giving them time to open. Ensure their longevity by trimming their stems and refreshing them with water whenever necessary. 

Also, when you purchase the flowers in advance, you remove last-minute hassles. You also get to enjoy the beauty of the blooms, leading up to the day of the party. If you are hiring the services of a floral company such as the Uniting Flowers, they will take care of your blooms until it is time to style them. They will deliver pretty arrangements to your home and put them in their ideal places, which eliminates another thing off your list.

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